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***© 2019 Texas Association of REALTORS® — Data used in this report come from the Texas REALTOR® Data Relevance Project, a partnership among the Texas Association of REALTORS® and local REALTOR® associations throughout the state. Analysis is provided through a research agreement with the Real Estate Center at Texas A&M University.


2020 Annual   Market Report***                 

2020 NAR Sold Report

JANUARY              Market Report***          Market Snapshot***           

FEBRUARY           Market Report***          Market Snapshot***

MARCH                  Market Report ***         Market Snapshot***

1st Quarter 2020   Market Report***

1st Quarter 2020 NAR Sold Report

APRIL                    Market Report***          Market Snapshot*** 

MAY                       Market Report***          Market Snapshot***     

JUNE                          Market Report***          Market Snapshot***

2nd Quarter 2020 Market Report***

2nd Quarter 2020 NAR Sold Report

JULY                      Market Report***       Market Snapshot***

AUGUST                   Market Report***       Market Snapshot***

SEPTEMBER          Market Report***        Market Snapshot***

3rd Quarter 2020  Market Report***

3rd Quarter 2020   NAR Sold Report

OCTOBER               Market Report***        Market Snapshot***

NOVEMBER           Market Report***        Market Snapshot***

DECEMBER          Market Report***        Market Snapshot***

4th Quarter 2020  Market Report***

4th Quarter 2020  NAR Sold Report



2019 Annual        Market Report***

December               Market Report***

November               Market Report***

October                   Market Report***


Texas Small Land Sales Report (2019) - Region 7 (Includes Central Hill Country)

Texas Small Land Sales Report (2019) - All Regions